Acrylic based products

Ünlü Acrylic Glossy Pigmented Topcoat

Product code:311-Seri

It is a two component, acrylic based, reaction curing, glossy pigmented topcoat paint. ACRYLIC GLOSSY PIGMENTED (311-series) leaves a rigid and glossy surface.It brings in a fuller apperance. It is resistant to scratch, impact and household chemicals. 

Place of use

ACRYLIC GLOSSY PIGMENTED (311-series) is formulated as pigmented topcoat paint for internal use on solid wood and MDF with the purpose of decoration. It is applied as topcoat on the surfaces prepared with polyurethane, polyester and acrylic primers seamlessly.


ACRYLIC GLOSSY PIGMENTED (311-series) is mixed with hardener at the ratio mentioned above. Then diluted with Acrylic Thinner (931-0311) for application viscosity. The product is applied as one/ two cross layers on surfaces prepared with polyurethane, polyester and acrylic primers. Optionally one more cross coat can be applied after 15-20 minutes. The product allowed to cure in a dust free environment forms silky, smooth and slippery surface.

Technical information

  • Density (20°C , gr/cm³ ) : 1,16 - 1,20
  • Drying Time (20°C) 
  • Touch dry: 1,5-2 hours
  • Thoroughly Drying : 24 hours
  • Soldi Matter  :  58,0 - 62,0
  • Thinner : Acrylic Thinner (931-0311)
  • Dilution Ratio  : % 20-30
  • Gloss : > 95
  • Hardener  : 369-0025
  • Mixing Ratio ( By weight ) : 2/1
  • Pot Life (20° C) : 5-6 hours
  • Coverage : An area of 9-11 m² is coated by using 1 lt of this product remains a dry film of 45-50 microns (excluding application loss)
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