Flooring system

Epoxy resin, which has become one of the most important building materials in the construction industry, is widely used in industrial areas, including flooring.

Epoxy floor systems are preferred in many areas, from small businesses to large manufacturing areas, as they have surpassed expectations in terms of resistance to liquid, non-slip, dustproof, mechanical and chemical influences.

  • Hospital and laboratory;
  • Catering establishments;
  • Hotel / Shopping Center / Residence;
  • Parking / warehouse;
  • Sports grounds, treadmills;
  • Industries;
  • Industrial installations requiring high pressure resistance;
  • Catering establishments with permanent wet soil;
  • Chemical production enterprises;
  • In cold warehouses.

Modern technology continues to evolve rapidly, thus simplifying our lives. Epoxy coatings have also been subject to these technological innovations and advances.

Due to their aesthetic appeal and meeting the expectations of a changing architectural concept, epoxy flooring systems have long been used in hospitals, factories, shopping centers, warehouses and parks. Over the years, epoxy coatings began to be preferred in the construction of houses.

Epoxy flooring is a very durable polymer topcoat that differs from other floor systems in its high resistance to mechanical stress and impact, does not interact with chemically active substances.

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