AZPETROL gas station

Principal activity of Azpetrol Ltd. LLC, which entered into the economic sphere of Azerbaijan with the opening of its first gas station on July 15, 1997 in Baku, is the retail and wholesale of fuel through petrol and gas stations network.

Today Company is represented by 89 petrol filling stations(petrol and diesel), 5 natural gas stations (Propane-Bhutan), 4 CNG filling station (compressed natural gas), 17 electric charging stations and 1 CNG filling terminal that cover main economic zones and equipped with the most modern equipment.

Our company carried out 3 mm thick Epoxy floor system work.

In order to increase the quality of the fuel and ensure the continual supply of the stations with fuel, Azpetrol put into operation its modern Fuel Depot in 1999 which meets the contemporary standards. The Fuel Depot is equipped with electronics produced in leading countries of Europe, fire fighting, safety and fuel quality control systems.

For the purpose of continuous and timely delivery of the fuel to PS and GS, the Company put into operation its Fleet of tanker trucks in 1999. 90  specialized tanker trucks of the Fleet provided under international standards are ready to leave at any time.